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Skate Fittings & Deliveries



Skate Fittings & Deliveries

You deserve to know that your skates will fit when you buy them, and that is why we offer this service.

A Skate Professional will arrive at your confirmed location and will set-up a full-service curbside station complete with a soft, red carpet and a mirrored bench for your fitting.

We will have your selection of skates ready for you to try-on. No purchase required.

This in-person, on-demand service is available to the NY, NJ, CT tri-state area. Contact for inquiries.

Skate Fitting Request Form:
What Is Your Shoe Size Type?

How To Schedule

  1. First, browse the current collection and choose the skate styles you'd like to try on.

    Be sure the skates are available in your size.


  2. Next, complete the form on this page to enter your shoe size and the location you prefer for your fitting.

  3. Finish scheduling your appointment after submitting the form by entering the date and time on the Booking page.

  4. Expect a follow-up confirmation text and phone call prior to the date of your fitting.

Things To Know

The fitting service fee is non-refundable once the cancellation period expires.

Cancellations are possible up to 72-hours in advance of your scheduled booking.


Price of skates are calculated separately and paid upon your decision to purchase.

Each fitting lasts between 20-minutes and an hour on average.

Please be prepared for fitting by wearing tall socks!

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